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Texarkana Blueberry Patch 2018

I mentioned in my super-dee-duper long InstaStory that I make a family yearbook each year. I’ve been asked a lot of questions since (I see a future blog post coming. I’ll explain it all very soon.) Here we are half way through the year of 2018, and the photos I have of Worth are few […]

June 15, 2018


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Dear Class of 2018

It’s been 10 year. A decade since I was at my very own high school graduation. For someone who is only 28 years old, a decade is a large portion of one’s life. However, the last 10 have been spent post high school graduation. More of my life has been shaped and defined in those […]

May 26, 2018


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Texarkana Spring Styled Session

Let’s talk about weather for a second. And I don’t mean small talk! If you follow me on Instagram (if not, stop reading now and go follow me! I’ll wait,) then you probably saw my “teaser” photo of this styled session with this caption, “Wedding planning and a little stressed? Indoor venue? Outdoor? Scared to death […]

May 11, 2018


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Mommy & Me

Mommies are always behind the camera. At a soccer games. At t-ball. At graduation. Before prom. At the baptism. At the play.  Look around… who has the camera? MOM! Everywhere, you can bet the mom is the one with the phone in hand capturing the moment. She has a million photos of her kids and […]

May 10, 2018


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Brandi K Films

I work alone a lot. It’s the best and worst part about my job. Sometimes I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with… then I spend time with Brandi and Ellen and I’m energized! Brandi & Ellen, with Brandi K Films, are AMAZING videographers in our area of Texarkana. […]

April 28, 2018


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Brenda is a college GRAD!

Beauty & brains sums up this COLLEGE graduate! At some point in time, most of us want to be doctors when we grow up. I know I did. I actually even tried. Spoiler alert: it did not happen. However, Brenda is setting herself up for success and is going to be spending her time after […]

April 18, 2018

Portrait, Senior

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Emilee | Redwater High School Senior

Before diving head first as a full-time photographer, I was a high school teacher. I l.o.v.e. teenagers! Yes, you read that right. I think teenagers are great! I taught every grade from 4-12 and my favorite was 12th. The potential that a high school senior has inspires me. They are a blank canvas full of […]

April 14, 2018


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Children Photography | Easter 2018

Children Photography | Easter 2018 Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays. The reason for the season fills me with so much hope and joy. This year, I dived in deeper and did the She Reads Truth Lent Study. It was so eye opening and kept my heart where it should be during this […]

April 2, 2018

Children, Portrait

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Slingshot & Arrows | Spring Collection 2018

Our slogan is simple apparel, bold message. We are all about sowing seeds. I am so obsessed with this brand, y’all! Seriously, I am wearing one of their sweaters as I am typing this. I followed Slingshots & Arrows way before I knew that they are native to my hometown. “Our slogan is simple apparel, […]

March 28, 2018


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Nori | Easter 2018

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew 28:5 Oh, how I love this season. Charles Dickens said it best, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the […]

March 26, 2018


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